Did you decide to address us? It is the right choice! We do not give any promises, we give 100% guarantees of the quality of our work and legal compliance of the Czech Republic.

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Knowledge about Czech republic - We are a Czech company and we thoroughly know Czech legislation and its realities.

Contacts - we have an official cooperation with Karlov University in Prague and with the leading jurists of Prague and the whole Czech Republic and this means that we are high professionals and that we have trust of authorities.

Experience - earned since 2010 experience of work enables us to do our job not only quickly but qualitatively.

Full range of services - related with search and preparation of all the necessary documents, and also counsel and legal (if required) accompaniment - is made by personnel, whose professional experience is based on excellent results of work.

Legality - we are officially registered and passed certification. And we work in our market segment. For possible defective execution of our commitments we will be responsible to the fullest extent of the laws of the Czech Republic.

Individual approach - enables us to understand the situation of every our client and propose him the most comfortable and practical decision.

Honesty and openness - we do not hide the methods of our work and present all information without limitations.

Customer's trust - is one of the main criteria of our reliability. During the years of work we have registered for our clients firms with the most complicated licenses.

We are doing our best to make YOU be satisfied from the cooperation with our organization. Cooperate with professionals!

Immigration(residence permit) to the Czech Republic on the basis of the Student Visa which was given on the basis of studying. It is suitable not only for young people without family. As a fact you can get residence permit only in 10 years even if you lived in Czech Republic without a break. If you are not studying you may have problems during extension.

We will consult our clients and we will help to get a residence permit in 6 years!

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